The Annual Rally is the highlight of the year for members, leaders and friends of the movement.  This is the day when all clubs come together to compete in a variety of competitions for example Stock Judging, Dancing, Shearing, Singing, Cooking, Flower Arranging, Craft and Forestry. The Queen is crowned during the Rally, alongside the Young Farmer and Deputies. The rally is hosted by the winning Club on the first Saturday in June.


Rally Rules Final Version
Intention of Entry Rally 2022
Intention of Entry for Tug of War 2022
Rally Entry form 2022Entry form for Individuals – Stock Judging, Wool handling and Shearing 2022
Rally Sign Rules 2022
Rally Sign Intention of Entry 2022
Rally Sponsorship Form 2022
General Rules 20222022


Rally 2019 Results
‘Cwpan Gwynne’ Marks 2018-19

Additional Information

Mandatory Competitions

1. Members’ Competitions.
2. Federation Display OR Create a Halter
3. Hereford Cattle Stock Judging, North Country Cheviot (Park type) stock judging, and Section B ponies stock judging.
4. Main Ring Display or Tableau
Members can take part in any two competitions and additionally the Main Ring Display or Tableau
Clubs are permitted to compete in a maximum of 8 competitions

Stock Judging

North Country Cheviot Sheep Breed Points
Welsh Section B Pony Breed Points
Hereford Cattle Breed Points